[spaceship] Agenda for meeting: 4.2.2013, 4pm, Demola

Jarkko Moilanen [Ossoil] jarkko.moilanen at ossoil.com
Sat Feb 2 18:23:29 CET 2013


Below is tentative agenda for meeting 4.2. at 4pm (Demola). Lots of
positive news and good vibrations :)

If you have more items, reply to list and add it there

1. Sponsor sales (At least one bronze is sold to Symbio!)
2. Program + Speakers (a few has been found, need more)
3. TAMK facilities for hw tinkering? 
4. Floorplan (names for locations, etc)
5. Launch/Startup clinic
6. Viz Clinic
7. UX Clinic
8. WWW-status
- general overview
- Navigation issues still open, expecting some kind of solution from
- need content writers! 
- style needs to get done asap! If needed we will get external help.
9. Team formation process (Matti & co)
10. Route to Factory video
11. Monetary issues (Holvi/Devaamo)
12. [Your item]

Just as a reminder, we have time until end of this month to get enough
sponsor packages sold. Otherwise we will pull the plug and inform NASA
that we will not organize event. 


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